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John Owen Haley of Vanderbilt....I've Put Together a List of Facts Please Review and Offer Clarifications & a Video Message to Bill Lacy and Thompson....(to those that are helping...thank you!) - It's Time America Had the TRUTH

Clarifications in Green...Thank You Readers 

NISSAN and Political Leaders in Tennessee ALLOWED for DOE Fraud to Happen..WHY?

The ERA of Nation Building is ending:  The Era of America Becoming the Global Hall Monitor MUST Begin.  That starts with Mitt Romney.

 It made NO SENSE for the State of Tennessee to prosecute "trumped up" charges for so long.  To jail a woman whose a carpool mom and a relocation consultant 3 times for "speaking up " about wasted spending of  taxpayer money and discrimination was ridicules.  Sharyn (I) KNEW it was because of my past......  Sharyn Bovat subpoenaed Carlos Ghosn the NISSAN Renault CEO because of his Involvement with IRAN Contra.  That subpoena was quashed by a judge Sharyn was told was "going to railroad" her.  Luckily the MIRACLE in the bible belt happened and a "clean" judge was brought in......

The head of Corporate Security for NISSAN Americas said Sharyn Bovat was the 2nd BIGGEST Security risk he's seen in over 30 years.......  NISSAN executives told people in the community that Sharyn was a "spy".....  Sharyn Bovat was NOT  spying on NISSAN....  She's just a former spy.  One who LOVES America and was "caught" by NISSAN executives asking questions about the companies intentions on HOW they were spending OVER 1 Billion US tax dollars. 

Fact: My Grandfather was OSS - Worked in Korea on the 38th Parallel

Fact: My Uncle was the Chief pilot for Pan Am

Fact:  My Mom was Chief Stewardess for Transocean Airlines in the 50's - That airline is linked to the CIA

Fact: My Dad worked for a CIA Airline

Fact: The man who many think "could be" my biological father owned the airline

Fact: As a child I was taken on a LOT of very long trips ...  sometimes only staying in some countries for just a few hours.  

Fact: I went to 3 high schools in less than 2 years: My 2nd school was a boarding school and my roommate was from El Salvador: Her mom would show me jewelry she was selling to fund her Gucci purse purchases,family connected to Assassins, & my grandfather told me the jewelry was "most likely" from a dead Jew.

Fact: After Sharyn's Dad died her mom dated his best friend who was known as the "Gun Runner" he was a 747 captain for an airline with LOTS of  CIA contracts.

Fact:  He disappeared 

Fact: I was in Kuwait in 1992.... How did I get there?

Fact: The wife of a former Air America pilot gave me a copy of me saying the Pledge of Allegiance at the 1988 RNC Convention with George H. Bush

Fact: People that worked for Dean Lesher gave me "press"  & got me into LOTS of high level events.
Fact: His 2nd wife Margaret died in a mysterious 3 am swimming accident in Arizona (Maricopa County)

Fact:: It took Sharyn Bovat 17 years to get my college degree & I missed a LOT of classes

Fact: I was in the USSR and After Spending time in an abandon hospital in Leningrad & the KGB stared at me  for a few days then I was taken to the American Consulates Office- That night the Consular general invited me for dinner and I got to sleep in the same room Richard Nixon slept in when he was in Leningrad.

Fact:  Sonny Bono told Sharyn he knew she was not a "one hit wonder"

Fact: Many believe that Sonny was "hit" in a Kennedy Ski accident remake the autopsy shows he we murdered

Fact: Sharyn Bovat attended a Republican Governors Conference: Audrey Merkin  called her an Amoeba & she did NOT want me touching Governor Weld (what did that mean?   OMG!  they guy had his kid with him.... she over reacted....).

Fact: I had access all areas at the 1992 RNC conventions and Henry Barbour gave me my credentials.

Fact Former President Ford had tacos with me and told me to "be a team player"

Fact: Vanderbilt University is the school of Bill Lacy who was Ronald Reagan's political directer during Iran Contra:

Fact:  In 1992 I was asked to spend a day with US Senator Lamar Alexander who was "thinking" of running for president.  I drove him around in my Chevy Cavalier.  I had to sell my foreign car because of the 'buy America" promotion.

Fact: Former US Senator from Tennessee is Fred Thompson was a "friendly" NIXON Era RNC team player

Fact: The current NISSAN CEO got his promotions at Michelin (a company that harbors CIA from the Vietnam era & Iran Contra era)

Fact: Jim Morton me Carlos Ghosn at Michelin and became his right hand man at NISSAN.

Fact:  Jim Morton left NISSAN and went to South Carolina and for a while consulted with man connected to the "late" Lee Atwater.

Fact: Sharyn Bovat has 3 times more mugshots than Oliver North

Fact: Sharyn Bovat to the best of her knowledge has spent more time in jail than ANYONE connect to Iran Contra.   ( Reader told me Poindexter served 6 months...FYI-the people in TN wanted to jail me for a year:

Fact: The corruption at NISSAN is going to be a BIGGER scandal than Iran Contra and Sharyn Bovat who was "just" a friendly fixture in that era KNOWS that the "bad people" connected to Iran Contra are NOW connected to the Obama Administration.

Fact:  Sal Russo is a Genius and he restored Oliver North's image after ALL the accusations and Sharyn wants him to PLEASE help her restore hers......  Sir I need YOU.....  Gannett is useless.  I should have trusted the Bush people....and not have become a democrat in the 90's.... I've grown up.

Fact:  America NEEDS Romney....The Bushs and the Clintons understood "how the post WW2 world works" they knew WHO the unsavory players were.  President Obama aligned himself up with  some good people with Panetta and Clinton BUT sadly for America his economic staff is "playing ball" with "some of the greediest human being on the planet"....   they are those connect to Iran Contra.

FYI- People from BOTH political parties were connected to "creepy CIA"  my mom was a Democrat.  She's has Alzheimer's and I told a relative...  This is the first time I can say her illness is a blessing.  FYI- NISSAN knew of my mom's illness and that she was on a downward spiral.  The stress of the "trumped up" charges by those connected to the Bredesen & Obama administration fastened her disease.  It's sad and she will NEVER know that her daughter is OK.  

My name is Sharyn Bovat and I know how to judge character and I think President Obama is well meaning: He's just CLUELESS: The ERA of Nation Building is ending:  The Era of America Becoming the Global Hall Monitor MUST Begin.  That starts with Mitt Romney.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

If I HAVE to File Malicious Prosecution Case. I Want Former Senator Fred Thompson to Testify about the Political Climate during Iran Contra: the Judge in Williamson County Quashed my Supeona that Would Have Proved that the Bullying of the Whistleblower was Ghosn Most Likely Fearing that America Would Find Out About the CEO's Role in IRAN Contra .....Wow!!!

Fred Dalton Thompson Picture"Springing someone from the slammer would be an unusual presidential platform. But Mr. Thompson, a former senator from Tennessee and Washington lobbyist, has been adamant that Mr. Libby was the victim of an overzealous prosecutor, wrongheaded justice and a bungling C.I.A. “It makes me mad as the devil just to think about it,” he has said ....Championing the Libby cause could further endear Mr. Thompson to some conservatives. It would also carry obvious political risks, but Mr. Thompson has said he doesn’t care. A spokesman for Mr. Thompson could not be reached today."

 From the New York Times....

Message to Vanderbilt Legal Eagle John Owen Haley

Mr. Haley, 

First I must say Vanderbilt hospital is 1st class the Doctors and staff there are my heroes.
Now to "other" Vanderbilt issues.  Sir the wife of a visiting professor that read my blog met me for coffee.  She said Vanderbilt is corrupt then she told me about "hiring" issues and she said they want "followers" not doers.  It made me sad.  Is that true?

Also a former neighbor of mine who worked in construction at Vanderbilt is the man that told me to NEVER ask questions about construction in Tennessee.  He said it's the Holy Grail...
I have not BUT Mark Silverman of the Tennessean gave me some info and for the RECORD I have "no clue" the name of the company.  I do NOT want my life harmed.   A guy that did surveillance for the feds told me almost a year ago about the medical fraud.  Mark Silverman knows about it too.  It has to do with Billing/hospitals and multiple data entries with the same patient but changing the spelling first names.  Robert to Bob to Rob   He said OBAMACare would bankrupt America with ALL the fraud.   He lives in another state and all the data is  with different agencies.  i have "no clue" what's happening on that.

Mr, Haley.... I'm tired of hearing about so much fraud, corruption, and bad spending of taxpayer money.  I want Tennessee to tell NISSAN to mediate.  Also, as an American taxpayer I want Tennessee to RESPECT America by respecting taxpayer spending.  Below I just sent this to People at LBMC

Matt Kisber, Reagan Farr and LBMC Friends:
Why don't you tell NISSAN to mediate? Ya'll know I told the truth.
Do I have to go "Reagan on You"..... Ronald Reagan that is.....

In 1984 I was asked by Dean Lesher, a friend of the Reagan’s to do research work. He was the publisher/owner editor of the Contra Costa Times and other publications ALL I did was find out what "average" people in America thought. I was trained really well. Contra Costa County in California was very diverse the demographics were similar to America. We had a Hispanic community, black community, Asian community, Italian community, agriculture, big business, and suburban home near urban living. It was a great place to do research for "what" people were thinking in America. I started to travel when I went to the USSR because "Communism needs to END so Bush would not get the credit".... Reagan loyalist worked really hard to have the "wall fall" because Nancy Reagan wanted her husband to get the credit.

Mark Silverman at Gannett VETTED me and it's ALL true.

NISSAN "outed" me as a former researcher they made the relocation consultant the 2nd biggest security risk. It's in court transcripts. (I did my part by being silent for over 17 years, I didn't even tell my child's father about my CIA past). What NISSAN did was illegal in many respects.

Because I spoke up against discrimination and bad spending of American tax dollars by NISSAN/Renault a foreign company that does business with Iran and Tennessee jailed me 3 times for complaining about it: Ya'll deserve to be called 50th in education in my book.

New Video Against Karl Dean's Property Tax Increase
Until Corruption is STOPPED No more tax increases

“The value of new construction contracts in Tennessee increased by 71 percent in March, keeping the value of year-to-date contracts up 50 percent, to $2.3 billion.” Nashville Business Journal
Last year I was told by Mark Silverman the former editor of the Tennessean that an investigative "team" at Gannett uncovered a LOT of corruption and wasteful spending of taxpayer money. He did not say the name of the construction company BUT said it gets a LOT of contracts ALL over the state. He said they were connected to the Good Ole Boy network that "controls the state".....
Another source told me of some VERY excessive spending at a Nashville Area High school. I told Mark Silverman about it and told him that I don't do research on construction issues. Did you ever look into that? Just curious.
Why didn't the Tennessean run the article about the construction companies that get state contracts that "over charge" and some use illegal workers via outsourcing?
My name is Sharyn Bovat & I do not think there should be a tax increases anywhere in Tennessee UNTIL the corruption, bad spending & cronyism issues are addressed by the City of Nashville, the States Legislative Branch and the Governor of Tennessee.
Sharyn Bovat
On Mar 31, 2011, at 6:34 PM, "Silverman, Mark" <
>>>> wrote:
>>>> I am clearly not one of "them." Come on.
>>>> This project will be set in motion Monday, once Soles4Soles ends. >>>> It
>>>> needs to begin by getting documents. That's what takes time.
Above is the promise to have investigative reporters start the process.
In June Mark Silverman acknowledged that documents were NEVER asked for and that my story was held for "political" reasons... The electric car is President Obama's "pet project" Gannett will NOT report anything negative until AFTER money is set aside in the budget to have it continues.... 3 BILLION tax dollars.

The emails proving that I confronted Mark on the EV in January for more emails in my "quest" to have the EV story covered

On Jan 26, 2011, at 4:20 PM, "Silverman, Mark" <> wrote:
Tues. the 1st would work better for me. Shall we say 6:30 again?

Monday, May 21, 2012

New Video Showing NISSAN is Worse than Solyndra

Professor John Haley: People in America have the Freedom of Speech BUT it cost $$$ to be Listened to.  That makes me sad :(:(

Gannett Does NOT Report that NISSAN Does Business with IRAN... 

Is it because that's BAD business for Gannett?    video below of congressional testimony about the issue.

NISSAN Fuels Iran without a Tailpipe   

Eddie Adams told me that his picture helped end the Vietnam War, he said it woke up America.....
So Eddie... I'll try to WAKE UP America and tell them that NISSAN Supports Terrorist and is on the UANI Iran Watch List....  We Must Support our Troops and Remember those that died on 9-11 and that means DON'T Buy NISSAN

This man died and America NEEDS to RESPECT him and NOT Support Terrorism....

Message for Karl Dean:

Sunday, May 20, 2012

To Mr. Haley.... Can You Figure Out WHY the State of Tennessee is NOT Trying to Be LESS Corrupt? It Makes No Sense.

    Why did Haslam Keep Michael Thomason for so LONG. OMG! 

Why did I have to email a LOT of state politicians to get him to go (or "went off the website ) ?    
AFTER I asked for a FOIA request?

 Why is NISSAN not mediating?

-----Original Message-----
From: sharynbovat <>
To: sharynbovat <>; sen.jack.johnson <>; sen.mike.faulk <>; sen.charlotte.burks <>; sen.mae.beavers <>; sen.dolores.gresham <>; sen.steve.southerland <>; sen.eric.stewart <>; sen.reginald.tate <>; sen.jamie.woodson <>; rep.steve.mcmanus <>; rep.jon.lundberg <>; rep.pat.marsh <>; ighotline <>; Hotline <>; Bill.Hagerty <>; Brad.M.Smith <>; Kingsley.Brock <>; Paul.Fassbender <>; Philip.Trauernicht <>; Betsy.Vandam <>; Will.Alexander <>; rep.eric.watson <>; speaker.beth.harwell <>; john.schroer <>; <>; sen.mike.bell <>; sen.thelma.harper <>; <>; sen.jim.kyle <>; sen.kerry.roberts <>; sen.jim.summerville <>; catherine.haire <>; randy.stamps <>; chudler <>; msilverm <>; stockard <>; tloyal <>; ramcclain <>; jadams <>; gkerr <>; kstivender <>; jheinz <>; madowney <>; dfisher <>; kwalters <>; tdew <>; equinn <>; nrau <>; wroche <>; todd.alhart <>; kanellos <>; ljdalton <>; jridley <>; jrlind <>; csisk <>; bgee <>; cwilliams1 <>; mcook <>; rebecca <>; connie <>; chloe.morrison <>; jeremy.finley <>; doneil <>; humphreyt <>; rep.tony.shipley <>; rjohnston <>
Cc: sebastian.moffett <>; david.pearson <>; michael.ramsey <>; cthomas16 <>; ctierney <>; jerry.hirsch <>; ighotline <>; paul.betts <>; paul.chesser <>; astiles <>; barnold <>; matthew.streit <>; robe <>; cj <>
Sent: Fri, Dec 16, 2011 10:39 am
Subject: NISSAN Whistleblower Linked to Tennessean Story of Employment Security Nominee accused of Fraud: Sharyn Bovat Claims Bredesen's ECD had Former Employment Security Administrator Spy on Her at Taxpayers’ Expense ... Corruption Needs to be Defined in TN.

The issue in the Tennessean today about an employment security administrator appointed by Governor Bredesen having been accused of fraud is connected to me Sharyn Bovat the NISSAN Whistle blower. Ya'll this is weird!
“A recently appointed top administrator of Tennessee’s multimillion-dollar employment security system was under indictment in Ohio in a mortgage fraud case at the time of his appointment last month.” The Tennessean|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE
FYI-Michael Thomason held a top administrative job in Bredesen’s administration in the employment security division (I believe they ONLY have two top administrators?) was most likely paid by the taxpayers to be my bridge partner this went on for over a year (read below) Thomason was connected to Reagan Farr and Matt Kisber who did deals with companies (that were not transparent) including NISSAN and I suspect that employment #'s might have been tweaked. I say this because a former NISSAN employee from Smyrna told me that according to the IDB bond rules NISSAN had to maintain certain #'s of they would have to pay the state excessive taxes.
I'm NOT saying that Michael Thomason is corrupt. I'm saying that he worked for people that I deemed corrupt. EVERYONE has a different definition of corruption. Some people think favoritism and hiding true facts is "simply doing a friend a favor" the state of Tennessee needs to define the word. This way people will understand what is OK and what is NOT.
If Ohio is like Tennessee Mr. Turner could be innocent. I am so it’s important to assume someone is innocent UNTIL proven guilty. That said:
What I find it “odd” that he got a job while under indictment. I’ve been told that for 17+ months I’ve been unemployable for a “professional” job while I fight the “trumped up” charges. NISSAN paid me 35 an hour for relo work. NOW that their HR and TN “good ole boys” discredited me that made me a “minimum wage” employment material. Luckily I have “assets” to fund my existence so I can spend EVERY day researching fraud and corruption. My tools are: the internet, an IQ over 150, a good reputation for “credible” research & help from honest citizens in Tennessee that give me tips on bad behavior.
Happily I will testify publicly about the corruption and discrimination and other issues I’ve learned about happening in Tennessee.
Tennessee Government Leaders, I’m fighting back for my reputation. My child has suffered because I cannot work the type of job that I’m qualified for. How did this mad who was under indictment get a job offer? I’m mad!!! How long is the DA going to prosecute a woman who was jailed 3 times for a 1st time misdemeanor?
Have a Great Day!
Peace and Respect
Sharyn Bovat

-----Original Message-----
From: sharynbovat <>
To: donald.ingram <>
Cc: michael.thomason & many others..... including ECD
Sent: Sun, Nov 20, 2011 12:33 pm
Subject: NISSAN Whistleblower wants to meet with TN Gov't employment leader Mr. Ingram..... Sharyn Bovat FOIA Request

Mr. Ingram,
Please contact me to meet in reference to people in your department and politics.
I’m the NISSAN whistleblower who recently spoke at the judicial hearings.
It's been a long time and I'm tired of being terrorized by people that were connected to former governor Bredesen’s ECD office. Using FOIA I want ALL emails between your employee Mr. Thomason and members of the ECD/government.
It’s time for Tennessee to treat people with respect.
FYI- Mr. Thomason joined the Vanderbilt bridge club and asked a director at the club to "make us partners" all this happened after I whistleblew at NISSAN. Oddly the exact same week that Bredesen left office he quit playing bridge.
I hope the taxpayers did not fund my card partner? If not WHY did he do it?
Previously he "mislead" me about who he worked for and who he knew. Later I found an article written by him that includes members of the ECD. Your employee told me he did not look at my blog but I have web stats from Whitefish Montana. Was he "spying" on me? Back then that was the impression I had and I think that's creepy.
While we were partners knowing “who” he communicated with I had to “change” the table chat at the bridge table.
Mr. Ingram, I look forward to meeting with you. Maybe ALL employment data in reference to Mr. Thomason’s should be audited to ensure “real” jobs are created. Please do this for the taxpayer.
Sharyn Bovat