Monday, June 11, 2012

Professor Haley: I Thought I'd Start Making Videos in Japanese. Sir, I Just Want RESPECT and NISSAN Needs to Tell America HOW They Will Pay Back Their Debt. Thank You!

Nissan Whistleblower-Japanese Translation

Professor Haley... NISSAN North America Has So Much IDB/DOE Debt that I was Told They'll go BK (restructure) Is THAT Going to Be Healthy for Tennessee and the Counties/Cities that Sponsored the Debt?

Gannett Pulls Articles About Bond Debt. Why? Oops. They want America to be "dependent" on government. Does Gannet Want America to be a Socialized nation?

How did Carlos Ghosn SAVE Nissan in th early 2000's. ?

Yes many employees worked their butts off for no extra pay during the NRP BUT what SAVED Nissan was the "Refinance of the debt".

Ghosn promised to move the HQ to Tennessee to "make that happen"

Ghosn basically created are a form of a Derivatives problem: a professional said bonds Nissan had TN governments issue are "most likely" classified As JUNK

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mr. Haley Can YOU Ask Japan About the Nuclear Issue in Reference to the Tsunami? I was told this by a VERY Good Source: It's Scary!!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

"if it doesn't work we'll do the GM model"

This was said to me by a top Nissan. Executive in spring 2009.

Nissan's cash flow problem in 2009 was BIG.

Dominique Thormann ordered the letter because he knew I knew too much.

Once Thormann was sent back to Paris because I blogged he was a bad spender of taxpayer money (literally less than 12 hours after I blogged it a press release was issued that he was leaving Nissan going back to Renault lto an "unknown" position).

Jon Brancheau Tracy Woodard and Joe Castelli connected with me on LinkedIn. They knew Mr. Tavares was using my ideas/concepts. Seriously those TOP executives would NOT have connected to me after I was deemed the #2 security threat by corporate services had they not KNOWN "something".

Ghosn star was "falling". It was the Tsunami that saved him. Japan was working on Nuclear (weapons grade) tech ology due to the North Korea threat. Technically that's not allowed: ghosn helped cover up the mess. He's good at that.... Remember Lockerbie and Iran Contra. Connections are "good" thing. Anyway I hear Ghosn is LESS Connected. Sarkozy is toast and the White House is distancing themselves.

Why is NOBODY investigating Carlos Ghosn: I sent the brochures to members of congress. Oh yeah. The guy said investigations take a while and Holder's office has to "want it". That is one reason WHY I want Romney so bad. He'll get rid of Holder.

The "creep" element Ghosn was connected to was BiPartisan. Can't blame the republicans. Sorry Dems. That said The Gannett element wanted Obama... Some Tea Partiers say it's because Gannett wants America to be a socialized country: the fact is Gannett's greedy. Also they've participating on the "cover ups" by the lack of news coverage.

Tennessee is suffering because people were NEVER informed about all the bonds and the "longterm" ramificatuons. The fact is so many in Tennessee are corrupt the ONLY way to "save the state" is to have amnesty.

The key is to identify the problems and show people HOW to act ethically . I. Reference to NISSAN HR I can show people "issues" and can prove that I reached out to Bill Krueger & Brad Thacker. They did NOT want to know about the Good Ole Boy infestation in HR.

I told Carlos Tavares that on 4th of July I was at Erich Marx house for a BBQ and at dinner I mentioned I played on Dee Kelly's tennis team (Greg Kelly is the Global HR leader). Well Erich and Michelle went into the house and he screamed at her for having someone come to their home that knew Greg Kelly. He then told her things. Well I was "just going inside to go to the bathroom" and ooops.

Erich was going to lose his job: they gave him the cube so he could "fail"

The Good Ole Boys did not like his wife: she was a godless liberal (I liked her) anyway I told Tavares and his job was SAVED. I can prove it.

Anyway it all makes sense since I had learned about the "list" Greg left
Mark Stout in the desk

I'll go into detail later. Ya'll on the executive floor are like A corrupt Soprano family: we'll just call you the Muranos.

I want my life back: Mediate And get the Governor to expunge the misdemeanor. This is ridicules. Y'all "outed" me by making me the #2 security risk. HELLO. That was wrong and I'm going to ask for an investigation. I can prove I did "research" work NOW you prove WHY you said I was the #2 security risk. OMG it's not because I told Tavares NISSAN made ugly cars?

More later.

Sharyn Bovat