Friday, September 28, 2012

Professor Haley .... Class Action Lawsuit Filed By Leaf Owers in California

Viewer Notified Sharyn About NEW Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against NISSAN... Sharyn Bovat Just Told MORE Lawsuits in the Pipeline.. Bovat Will File Against the State of Tennessee and Was STOPPED From False Claims Due to Malicious Prosecution....

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There's a reason why your reporter almost got stranded. Update below!!!
OMG!!!  Just talked to LA ...*********************************... 
This is funny i said "i wanted to live in a city where i don't need a car"....   Please don't repeat that.   I did follow up by saying i'd get a Z "if" i got the job  :):)   I hate the zig zag head lights so thinking of getting  a "vintage" Z.  
Have a Great Day!!!!
Nissan battery degradation update...  UPDATE
The outdated battery technology nissan is using is "un predictable" with real
range for the first year. It needs a minimum if 100 charges and discharges to
"stabalize"   Thus the range reader will go from 95 miles to 75 miles in a
matter of minutes...  Creating unpredictable expectations. 
Then after the first year it degragates to about 85%  then in year 4 it's about
60%  so by 2015 those driving with NO ac or heat driving and driving at the
"preferred" style & speed will ONLY get 60 miles per charge...   In the real
world  most drivers will get only 45 miles per charge in 2015. 
What nissan needs to do is to have a heating and cooling system to protect the
battery from degradation.   Get this!!!  They're planning on blaming degradation
on the "quick chargers" 
OK....   I'm sure Mr. Tavares is fixing the problem.
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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

People Finally See the Problem...OMG!!! I Can't Believe The Message is Getting Through

Mitt Romney's campaign KNOWS that NISSAN does business in IRAN and support terrorists that are funding weapons that kill and harm our troops.  MItt Romney seems to "want to bomb Israel" but offers no plan to prevent it.  Mitt seems "trigger happy" and wants a war culture. Did his sons serve in the military.  Seems like rich people don't have children on the "front line" they don't understand sacrifice.  People in the military are disgusted by his comments on the 47%.  People that have served America overseas want a President that they respect but ALSO on that respects them.

nissan recently took out a 1.4 billion dollar dept of energy loan knowing they could not pay it back. they are building a car with outdated technology.  Than money should have been spent on creating "real" EV batteries that are viable that money should be used in ways that protect America and our troops

President Obama PLEASE when you win Do NOT cut the military budget.  America is a Nation that needs to restructure it's priorities BUT not by sacrificing National Security.  How about some Peace Through Strength.  It's more cost effective the blowing money on companies like NISSAN that fuel the Iranian economy while "ripping off the American taxpayer.  It's time for RESPECT to the taxpayer too.

Can someone at Gannett Michael Bloomberg WHY he gave the contract to NISSAN.  They do business with IRAN and are building the taxis in Mexico.  It is NOT a win for America... Whose getting a kickback?  It's not fair to the troops.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Professor Haley.... Are YOU Listening?

Message to Reince Priebus

My goal is for the father of a Lockerbie victim named Dr. Swire to get RESPECT and for him that means the TRUTH....

Mark Silverman the 2010 Ben Bradlee winner who "was" employed by Gannett and is "still" a friend of mine told me in August 2011 that I could be the person to help give the Lockerbie families closure.

He proofed my brochure that I sent to members of congress.   Why?

He was friends with a CIA field Chief that was murdered. Oddly at that same time i was asked to "be" in Georgia for a Democracy trip. To show you how "clueless" I was when the trip was first mentioned my first "thought" was "Cool I really want to go to the Coca Cola museum.: When I heard how long the flight was I knew.... it wasn't Atlanta:(:( Glad my gut said don't go. In December 1993 I was told to "flee" so I sold my car and took a Tower Air flight to NYC. My mom had a phone # but she did not know where I was staying. At the age of 28 I had to say good bye to my life all my friends and build a new one. The man that I was married to for over a decade did NOT know I did research for CIA operatives. He knew after the spring of 2009 when NISSAN "outed" me. 

America had NOTHING to do with the bombing and would have stopped it BUT it my understanding the bombing was organized out of Lebanon (still) I could be confused, the man at the Pentagon said my knowledge was hearsay. My personal opinion is Christian Lebanese did the list of WHO was to be on the plane and those people were connected to Arms dealers. (Sometimes people that "transport" drugs work with the Arms people).   From my my comment on a UK blog created by the father of a Lockerbie victim.

".....Sharyn, any theory about Lockerbie that does not deal with the targeting of UN Commissioner for Namibia, Bernt Carlsson, on Pan Am Flight 103 is definitely a 'diversion'. Please see The Assassination of Bernt Carlsson:

Of the 270 people murdered at Lockerbie on 21 December 1988, Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations and U.N. Commissioner for Namibia, Bernt Carlsson, was obviously a target. Yet the Lockerbie investigators (CIA, FBI and the Scottish Police) failed to undertake even the most cursory of investigations into Bernt Carlsson's murder.

Commissioner Carlsson was to have taken charge of Namibia on 22 December 1988 immediately after apartheid South Africa had signed an agreement at U.N. headquarters giving up its illegal occupation of the country. In a 29 September 1987 TV interview, Carlsson had warned that he intended to start proceedings against the countries and firms which had been defying U.N. law over many years by stealing billions of pounds-worth of Namibia's natural resources. Among those facing U.N. compensation claims were: the diamond mining firm De Beers; the apartheid regime of South Africa; Rio Tinto Group, owners of the Rössing uranium mine; and, the government of Iran which today still owns 15% of Rössing and, in 1988-89, received large shipments of uranium from Namibia.

Because Bernt Carlsson died at Lockerbie, none of these prosecutions ever took place. Now, more than 23 years after the Lockerbie disaster, it is probably too late to seek compensation from the offending countries and firms. However, the lapse of time cannot allow the murder of a senior U.N. diplomat to go unpunished. Therefore, the U.N. must investigate the targeting of Bernt Carlsson on Pan Am Flight 103...."